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A TOTAL ENDURANCE FUEL- All you need, all day. Really!

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       Smile- Especially when things get tough. It helps remind us why we're here and what we love about what

        we're doing; it relaxes us, and only when we're relaxed can we maintain our correct form and enjoyment

        without burning unnecessary energy.

       No Pressure- Enjoy what you do, even if your goal is the top podium spot; with too much pressure on yourself, you're

        likely to go out too hard, blow up, tense and waste energy.

       Effort- Assess the effort required to get over the next obstacle/hill; if it takes max effort for more than 3-4 minutes, it will

        take you at least 10 minutes to recover, so perhaps slow or reduce your intensity. This constant adjustment of   

        pace/intensity will see you through your event in the best possible time.

       Speed- In endurance sports, It is not the fastest person that wins, but the person that slows down the

       least. So if you find yourself at the start thinking that it would be incredible to be able to finish your event

       at your current pace, then you're probably going too fast.

       6 P's- Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance: At least 25% of your training should be devoted to your event's

       thought process and race plan. Visualise it, feel it, plan it, think of adjustments, think of the "what ifs", plan for

       contingencies, adverse weather, flat tires, broken shoes, support crew not showing etc. When and if it happens, you will

       be in the right frame of mind and still be able to concentrate on your event with total confidence.

       Ego- You will need your ego to get through the last half of your event, but don't bring it out until then; leave it stowed at

       the bottom of your mind. You're guaranteed to crash and burn if you start with an ego.

       Splits- Every so often, leave the watch at home, don't worry about splits, time, pace or even your heart rate; go out and

       enjoy a run/ride/swim or paddle. Reconnect with how your body feels and enjoy it.

       Listen- Listen to your body and feel what it requires and wants from you. Stay tuned to yourself; it is the best gauge you           have and will always prevent you from overtraining.

       Train don't Strain

       Notify- Always notify someone of your intentions and estimated course and return time.

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