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A TOTAL ENDURANCE FUEL- All you need, all day. Really!

The following are extracts from emails, letters or social media comments from our Tailwind Nutrition family. In other words, "real people". Please feel free to leave your thoughts by clicking on the "Please leave a Review" text below.

Ben Clark-2nd Hardcore 100miler

Just wanted to share a Tailwind good news story from the weekend. 

After solely fueling me to a sub 12 hour North Face run, in the dark hours of Sunday morning it again solely fueled me to a 18:20 2nd place 100 mile debut at the You Yangs. 

I was a little skeptical that it could keep me going on it's own for that long, so had some bars & gels on hand just in case, but not once did I even think about touching them. My pacer also questioned whether I'd be able to go the distance just on Tailwind alone. I had most of my bottles pre-filled before the event, as I wasn't sure I'd be able to manage to fill them once the fuzziness set in, but have got to say it made the whole bottle change over simple & quick. I had 2 bottles of each flavour (mixed half/half with naked) to keep the variety up, but not labelled so didn't know what I was taking at swap over (except the raspberry which I used to refill bottles mid event) & it worked well.

Just as I was at North Face, there was no lulls or low energy spots at all, not even a hint of cramp, absolutely no nutrition based issues at all.

I was already a big wrap for the product, but this has made me even more convinced it is the absolute winner. I'm more than happy to recommend it to any of the up & coming runners that ask how I manage to fuel myself for those long events.




Stephen Wright -Ultra runner

Hi There, 

I received my latest batch of Tailwind today,  and just wanted to drop you a line to praise this product.  Im a 50 years young runner With 25 of them as an active runner having covered a variety of distances and surfaces over this period, until finding myself in ultra distances for The last 10 years. During this time a lot of experimenting with nutrition and hydration has taken place unfortunately with many a stomach upset in the latter stages of my longer runs.  

 Using only Tailwind and water in August I completed the Lamington Eco challenge successfully running a Trail marathon on 2 successive days,  even taking minutes off my time the second day, both days I felt fluent with my hydration taking Tailwind every 30 minutes,  giving me constant fuel feeling no difference in my energy levels, and no gut issues.  Yesterday on a training run using only Tailwind again I covered 53km smoothly,  no issues again,  feeling smooth the whole 6 hours. 

After years of carrying so many different products,  it is fantastic to just load a single item and go do what I love to

 Thanks........  :)

Marie Doke - Melbourne Ironman

Marie Doke, 3rd in the 50-55 age group in a PB time of 10:54 at IronMan Melbourne.

I've always wanted to be a 10 hour IronPerson. Now, if anyone asks me my IM time, I can say10 hours, mumble, mumble. No one listens to what comes after the first number anyway:)


I broke 11 hours for the first time and came 3rd in my age group. Apart from the swim, which was a nightmare of arm and legs and 2000 swimmers trying to get round the buoys at the same time as me (or at least that's how it felt), I really enjoyed it and the Tailwind worked brilliantly.

Many thanks.

Matty Abel- Winner and record Holder Northburn

"Remember what you set out to do, keep that memory in your heart and keep the flame going." That was the quote I saw every day in the lead up to Northburn100. Starting on the 1st of January as most nursed a hangover from their New Year’s Eve festivities, I started day one of training.

I see food a tad different to others. I see food as fuel for my body, just like your car you need to fill it and if you owned a Ferrari I’m sure you would fill that car with the highest grade petrol (fuel). I see my body as my Ferrari and it needs the best fuel to perform at its best.

On race day, I chose to use Tailwind Nutrition, which keeps it really simple (for more info check out Tailwind online). Basically, tailwind runs off a calorie-base which is packed with electrolytes. Each scoop out of the bag is 100 calories, and with the body only absorbing around 200-300 calories per hour, all I needed to do is fill my 2L bladder with 5 scoops and drink around 1L per hour.


Read the full race report here....

Nikki Burke- runner

I just wanted to let your know, I'm loving the Tailwind!

I'm making up so much time not having to fiddle around with the gels and snacks on my run as well as not having to slow down for when my stomach used to flip out on me. It's fantastic not having to think about all the different snacks and electrolyte drinks in my running pack.

It's made distance running so much less complicated.

Thanks so much.

Kind regards,Nikki Burke

Pam Kiss - Melbourne Ironman

Just wanted to let you know how happy I am after my first Ironman experience and that Tailwind was the perfect way for me to fuel throughout the whole race.

I mixed up enough for 6 ½ hrs on the bike into one bottle and sipped on that approx every 15 mins. I just kept topping up my water supply at the aid stations. For the run I had two small ‘Salomon Sense” soft flasks, the first one I had pre mixed enough for 2 ½ hours and the second one I had in my pocket with just the powder in it and just added the water when I was ready to use it.

Gavin, thanks for all your help with my Tailwind experience. I will definitely stick to this for any future races. It’s great to have finally found the right way to fuel for long races.

Read full report here...

Winner GNW100Miler 2013

Battling extreme heat conditions during the day, upwards from 37 degrees, to cold wet and windy over night. Tailwind was the perfect choice and my sole source of nutrition and electrolytes for the entire 25 hours.

While others were really suffering in the heat, I was able to maintain a consistant pace and never felt like my body was needing or wanting for anything.

Checkpoint changes were fast, with no thought required, I had my Tailwind all pre-mixed and was able to add a little water if needed when things got over 38 degrees. My Pack was light with nothing but the mandatory gear in, as my hydration was my nutrition source! No extra bars, gels or the like needed to weigh me down.

First Race I ever used Tailwind I ran 6th In a 100km, this time top spot in Australia's Toughest Trail 100miler; Tailwind was the key to success in both and is all I will ever use!! THANK YOU TAILWIND!!!

Ciaran Lynch- Canberra 50

You will be pleased to know that I had a really good run in the Canberra 50. I ran it in 4hr 45min. pretty happy with that as i didn't really train hard enough for itand it really was a training run. I took a handheld and mixed 2 scoops of Tailwind per 500ml per hour. the concentration wasa bit strong so i watered it down as i went along. It was very palatable and easy on the stomach.In marathons i usually start to die at around 28km, even if i train hard for them. On sunday i didn'tbegin to die until 37km!! i was blown away. i kept up at nice steady 5:23mni/km pace for 37km!!come 42km my fitness caught up with me and i had a very slow last 8km. as to be expected. so overall Tailwind worked wonders - thank you very much. I will experiment/tweak it in subsequent runs.But you have a convert in me :-) Cheers Ciaran

Pol Seoighe - Kep Ultra

I just wanted to let you know that I ran my first 100km last Sunday fuelled almost entirely on Tailwind (I had some watermelon at 80km) and I had a great day out. Tailwind worked brilliantly - I had constant energy throughout the day and I never got tired of the taste. This is the first ultra I have run without stomach issues.

Thanks again

Monique -aka Mara-Mon

I was really impressed with Tailwind and my initial concerns of a liquid only (with the powder obviously) fueling method were alleviated when I experienced the ease and effectiveness of this product. The fact that you need to take in your calories by drinking also serves a dual purpose – reminding you to hydrate which is something I am not always good at! As always, please remember that everyone’s needs are different, there is not a one size fits all with any product, Tailwind included.

I enjoyed it so much that I have decided to stock up and use it to fuel my next marathon and possibly my first ultra and I will update this review with the results!

If you want something simple to use, cost effective and a product that does the job, then Tailwind fits the bill. 


Follow this link for the rest of the review

Chris Papadopoulos - Obstacle Racer

​Event: Spartan Ultra Beast - 42km - 50+ Obstacles - 1700m of elevation throughout the course - 34 deg Celsius - Completed in 9hrs 50min non-stop


It was going to be 34 degrees on race day and we had one stop at half way where we could put a box of whatever we wanted. Mine contained 2 large water bottles, pre-mixed with Tailwind. Each bottle had 1.1L of water mixed with 400 Calories of Tailwind (about 2L would last me 4hrs @ 200 calories/hr - that was the plan). 

Due to the simplicity of my plan thanks to Tailwind, I was able to pass those people that were ahead of me after the half way mark as they were burnt out from lack of nutrition planning. I ended up finishing the course ahead of them by more than 50min.

From 7:15am until 5:05pm I had nothing else apart from Tailwind mixed into my water. Never felt hungry or weak...

Tailwind worked a treat and got me through no issues. No Gels, bars, GU's, no digestive distress, tasted refreshing, mixed absolutely clear with water.... and consumed literally NOTHING else!

Read full report here....

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