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A TOTAL ENDURANCE FUEL- All you need, all day. Really!

Race preparation with Tailwind

Check out the videos below to get an insight into how best to fuel for a race. Gavin has created two Race Prep videos for the Old Ghost Ultra and one for Six Foot Track, as well as a Zoom recording for the 3 Waters Running Festival. He also has a (rather lengthy and in-depth) chat about all things endurance and fuel-related with Australian ultra running legend Joe Ward.

Old Ghost Ultra - Part One
Old Ghost Ultra - Part Two
6 Foot Track

3 Waters Running Festival -Zoom talk. 
Race Day Fueling and how our body works....skip to 6 min in to start......

A chat about all things fuelling and endurance related- full of great nuggets to take away and help with your next adventure


Introducing our new recovery drink with Tailwind founder, Jeff Vierling. Derived from high-quality rice protein, Recovery Mix is supplemented with amino acids using a proprietary mathematical model to make the rice protein perfectly complete.

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