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2020 brought with it challenges that no one could have expected. The bright spark of this time for Tailwind has been the enthusiasm of our trailblazers. Loving the product as they do they consistently challenge themselves and what Tailwind aids them to achieve.

Welcome to our fantastic team of athletes. They are not only top class athletes in their own right, but incredible people with the right approach to their respective sports. They are always willing to share, help and encourage others and are committed to achieving their goals whilst giving back to their sport. Join us as we follow their journey to achieve their dreams.

Look out for our Trailblazers when you are out and about. 

Craig Lawn.jpg
2020 Trailblazer Badge.jpg

Hey! I’m Craig and I’ve been mountain-biking since 2003 when I completed the infamous Wildside stage race in Tasmania, new and underprepared. Being comfortable being uncomfortable I found my calling with endurance racing. In 2016 I tackled the brutal Sri Lankan stage race, “Rumble In The Jungle”. Gripping on to trees as I climbed in 95% Humidity, I realised there was no way I couldn’t do the cheering locals proud by DNF. Since then I haven’t given up on any crazy adventure I pursue. Biggest accomplishment to date would be completing 24Hours in Old Pueblo (Arizona, USA, 2019) in freezing conditions then returning to Australia to move into a Volkswagen and chase trails with my partner and 2 border collie traildogs. I am passionate to share the love of MTB by welcoming and developing new riders, preferring to be known as a top bloke on the trails than a fierce competitor at all costs.  Favourite Quote? “Set A Goal So High You Can’t Achieve It Until a you Grow Into The Person Who Can”. With the 24Hr Solo Calendar tentative my goal is to live the dream by spending most days in the saddle exploring singletrack. Rest, Refuel, Rebuild, Repeat.


Helen Morgan.jpeg
2020 Trailblazer Badge.jpg

I was introduced to triathlon in 2015, my first race being with the Bunbury Triathlon Club, I was hooked. Since this first enticer event I have grown to love and enjoy the lifestyle associated with Triathlon, especially the people you meet, and the opportunity to travel. I have raced throughout Australia, and travelled to New Zealand, South Africa, and Kona-Hawaii.

On the other side, I currently practice as a Clinical Nurse in Emergency and at my Local Hospital.   

During off season (or COVID) I’ve enjoyed dialing back my scheduled training, I have been doing a lot more aerobic days with long trail runs – see my Instagram highlights of the Cape to Cape in Western Australia – and cycling to explore my region.

My long-term goal, whilst rejoining with my former coaches at GK Endurance, is to take my professional license in triathlon in the 2020-2021season.  As with many of us this projected goal may be a little delayed, but with races back on the calendar I am planning to defend my Oceania Asia Pacific Championship status at Cairns late September, then onto Ironman WA in my home town Busselton.


Sim Brick.jpg

As a 25-year-old Biomedicine student hailing from the flat lands of bayside Melbourne I have somehow found the most unlikely of homes among the mountains; trekking, travelling and mostly running to find some of the most beautiful yet hard earned spots on the planet. I am still a relative newcomer to competitive running but am loving the crazy journey, as I foster both my nature-loving and competitive sides through the crazy endeavour that is trying to get up and down stupidly steep terrain as fast as possible. Starting out in classic distance mountain running ( 10-15km) and becoming the Australian Mountain Running Champion in 2018 and 2019, I am slowly working my way towards my long term goals of ultra events such as the long-distance World Mountain Running Championships, UTMB, Comrades Marathon, the Spine Race and Tour de Géants; plus whatever else opportunity throws my way!

2020 Trailblazer Badge.jpg


Shane Johnstone.jpg
2020 Trailblazer Badge.jpg

I am Perth based but love exploring the country and world where ever possible. I've been an Exercise Physiologist for 12 years now and have my own allied health private clinic (Valetudo Health) and I'm also the CEO of a charity (Be Inspired Foundation). I practice what I preach and I am a trail runner addict and live for an adventure. I have enjoyed going beyond racing and taking on Fastest Known Times and currently hold the records for the Bibbulmun Track, Larapinta Track, Cape to Cape Track and Stirling Ridge Track Loop. If you ever have a question, don't be shy. I love to help grow the trail scene.  

I'm currently on the come back from a bout of myocarditis but as training builds back im dreaming of achieving the following in the next 12 months:

- sub 10 hour at UTA

- sub 16 hour 100 miler 

- sub 50 hour 200 miler 

- Hopefully can compete at TDS 140km 9,000m (UTMB) in 2021 


Shaggy 1.jpg
2020 Trailblazer Badge.jpg

(AKA Shaggy)

An Ultra Runner, who loves all forms of running being Trails, Road or Track, and the amazing community spirit that is created from everyone which is what make this sport so special I started running back in 2014, and My Passion lies in the long Ultra runs, with my favourite distance being all runs of 100miles or greater I ran my first Ultra’s back in the 1st year I started running with them being the Hume Hovell 100k & Alpine Challenge 100mile Race, I loved it so much, I have never looked back.

I’ve been very lucky to have my running adventures take me around the world and across Australia, competing in races like WSER and UTMB, and the highlight was being able to represent Australia in both the world and Asian 24hr Championships.

On top of racing, I also have a soft spot for some personal running adventures and even attempting a couple of Fastest Known Time (FKT).

Some of my up and coming events will be running in the Aust 24hr Track invitational and a 6day race in October, and looking to the future, being able to get back to HK for a second running of the 300km HK4TUC.

One of my favourite sayings about running is “Just get out there and enjoy your running and sharing the experience with the whole community”


Ben Clark.jpg
2020 Trailblazer Badge.jpg

My running journey pretty much started back in 2012 when I saw these things called "trail runs" in a Runner's World mag, so thought I'd go along for the 6k option to see what it was all about. I enjoyed it enough (probably helped along by the fact I ran 2nd), so then singed up for the remainder of that & another local Trail series. The bug really bit at the next race where it was freezing, muddy, wet, foggy & generally truly filthy conditions, but socially acceptable for a fully grown adult to be playing in the mud. I finished that first year running whatever sub-15k trails races I could find & quietly admiring the super freaks running the 50k races at those same events. I decided that I might have a crack at 1 of those 50k things, so went about progressively building up my race distances to just stumble over the Ultra line with a 43k on my 36th birthday. Next stop was the inaugural 50k at the North Face 100 Australia/Ultra Trail Australia, and the rest is a history or progressively getting bigger & crazier - 15 100k's, 3 100 miler's & many more 50'ish k races. 

My goals going forward are to complete the Western States & UTMB double next year after Covid-19 had different ideas for that this year. I'm also 6 UTA/TNF 100's in, so would really like to complete the 10 up there too. Once that big focus is gone, I think I'd like starting visiting the other races that have never quite fit in with my race schedule, but have always been in the back of my mind - Wilson's Prom, Cradle Mountain, Blackall, GNW. And of course Hardrock is that ultra faint glimmer of hope.


Nathan Dortmann.jpg
2020 Trailblazer Badge.jpg

I am a French born athlete who moved to Australia 5 years ago. My life has completely changed after sad events in my life, from smoker unhealthy college student to now focusing on reaching the podium in my AG in Kona and creating a professional career in Triathlon. 

I first started as a trail runner and completed my first ultra trail at 20yo completely unprepared 😅 but what an experience! 


I try inspiring as many people as possible along my journey, nothing is impossible if you put your mind to it ! 💪🏽


I am hopping to race 70.3 Port Macquarie this coming September as a try out for Kona in February. It will be my 3rd time on the big island and I want to make it count! 


I know I have the right tools to succeed this yeah with the Trailbazer Team and Tailwind on my side.

I can’t wait to see what’s coming up 🤟🏼🤙🏼


Corrie Ackland.jpeg
2020 Trailblazer Badge.jpg

I always say 'I'm married to the marathon' because it is definitely my favourite event and I tend to only run other distances 'for fun' along the way in training for one marathon or another. My favourite marathon is the Honolulu Marathon. It is why I got into running and I try to run it, or at least be in Hawaii for race day, each year. I grew up going to Hawaii for my dad to run Honolulu which he did every year from 1989 until he passed away in 2009. We buried his ashes at the finish line of the marathon on marathon day and had a plaque made up to mark the spot. My dad is my runspiration and I aim to run all the marathons he did over his life, which includes Athens, Paris, and San Fransisco. 

Other than that, I am tracking the Marathon Majors, I've done 5 so far and I'm waiting for Boston for my 6th, 


Outside running, I'm a clinical psychologist working primarily with phobias, panic, and OCD. I have 2 sons aged 12 and 8. We like to travel as a family, adding holidays onto my runcations! Though, I still go to quite a few overseas runs on my own.


Corey Phillpott.jpg
2020 Trailblazer Badge.jpg

Corey isn’t your typical endurance athlete. Residing in the beautiful Blue Mountains & Weighing in at 98kg as he attempts to mix the two different disciplines of strength and endurance. 

Early mornings are his thing! Balancing work, family & training is tough but he still manages to find time.

“Trust the process”  - his motto

In 2021 he is set to break the world record for the worlds strongest marathon were he will pull a 1.4t+ car behind him for the distance of 42.2km to help raise awareness for child abuse within Australia through representing and working along side Child Safe Australia. 

He is the owner of CozFit Strength & Endurance where they push everyday athletes beyond their thought capabilities through running. Finding self confidence and building mental toughness by doing so to get athletes ready for their races to help them reach their goals no matter how big or small! 


Isaac Scaysbro.jpg
2020 Trailblazer Badge.jpg

My name  is Isaac Scaysbrook. I am a passionate Ultra Runner. I love every thing about sport and fitness!
I run because it’s the greatest natural therapy for my mental health and recovery. Running gives me a sense of freedom and happiness whilst allowing me to work hard to achieve goals that were once not possible for myself. 

 The next 12 months ahead have me signed up for four races. My focus is on achieving PB's in at least two of them. I will work hard.
I will be competing in my 6th straight coastal high 50 (every race since the event started), Up the Buff, GC50 and UTA 100.
Never say never.. I'm also focusing my training to include another 100miler next year. None of these races or goals would be possible without Tailwind and the support of the Tailwind family.
Can't wait to smash some goals over the next 12 months! Watch this space..


Kirsty Baker.jpg
2020 Trailblazer Badge.jpg

Hey, I'm Kirsty a nurse from Queensland for a huge passion for running! Ultra marathons in particular. I've completed multiple 50km races, 50 miler, 100km and 100 miler with my Tailwind fuel every step of the way!
My current goals are to improve my 50km and 100km times!
I got into running 4 years ago when I wanted to complete a marathon by the time I was 30, well things escalated quickly and within a year I'd completed my first marathon and was onto my 2nd ultra marathon.
I absolutely love pushing and discovering my limits! There's something so rewarding about testing your mind and body to such an extent.
I love Tailwind and it's a huge part of my training and races. I enjoy experimenting and fine tuning Tailwind to suit my needs to help me sustain my energy while running. I also really look forward to Tailwind Rebuild post race and I feel good knowing I'm refueling my body with what it needs.
My top flavours are the:
Raspberry Buzz, Colorado Cola and Lemon and Green Tea Buzz combined!
I also dream of the vanilla Rebuild post run! It's the perfect reward after a good session!


2020 Trailblazer Badge.jpg

I love running and I run lots! I have been doing Ultra distance events for over 30 years.
It started off in a team doing Adventure races with a group of friends, we won a few races but then team decided to stop racing. I need to continu so next was Ironman Triathlons where I completed over 20 Half Ironman events and then 5 full Ironman races. It was then time to move forward and start doing Ultra Marathons. I continued doing more Marathons and have completed to date 58 Marathons including winning one. I have completed 75 Ultra Marathons which included, 12 x Sixfoot Tracks,    11x TNF100,  11 Coast To Kosci 240km finishes with the best being 4th overall.
My all time favourite distance is Coast 2 Kosi 240km. 
I have been using Tailwind Endurance Fuel since it arrived into Australia in 2013 and now I also use Tailwind Rebuild for my recovery. My favourite flavours are Cola and Naked and at the moment Coffee Rebuild for my recovery.


Alae Brand.jpg
2020 Trailblazer Badge.jpg

My name is Nikki and I started mountain-biking in 2018 while recovering from a swimming injury. Quickly the addiction took hold and adapting to the MTB lifestyle was rapid and irreversible.

My career as an “Expert Athlete Wrangler” (Pool & Performance Manager/Swim Coach) paid off while on pooldeck by Dawn to fund my new bike habit then out on the trails by Noon. Tough life, yes?

Following a year of persistent & recurring illness in 2019, I was stoked to  find a sports fuel that is both vegan and coeliac friendly (the holy grail). Since training on Tailwind I am healthy enough to fuel performance and lifestyle. Living in a van chasing trails with my partner and 2 border collies, I enjoy every bit of energy I can!

Training hard throughout COVID, my goal is to compete consistently when racing returns, build racecraft and prepare to fully attack the 2021 XC Calendar.  

Favourite Motto? “You Wanna Know How I did It? I Never Saved Anything For The Way Back” (Gattaca). Thus far this philosophy has led to some spectacular bonking but I really do believe that with training, fuel and grit, one day you convert that into the podium.


Tony  Williams.jpg
2020 Trailblazer Badge.jpg

Formerly Legs of Steel!

 I've been into sport all my life. First as a rugby player and then many types of outdoor recreation - mainly rockclimbing. I worked as an outdoor recreation guide and instructor in the Blue Mountains for 20 years. I started Blue Mountains Fitness in 2010. Fitness is my passion. 

I have a fantastic fitness business based in the Blue Mountains specializing in guiding and coaching runners on the Ultra Trail Australia course and Personal Training at Plus Fitness Katoomba. We stock Tailwind on our Online Shop. 

I first had a taste of Tailwind while crewing/pacing for my mate on the Coast to Kosziusko Ultra. I was a bit pessimistic that this magic fuel was "all you need"! Well after 6 years of using Tailwind and many years previously racing endurance sports with gut and energy issues I believe Tailwind is the best endurance fuel there is out there.

Tailwind has been there all along for the highlights of my endurance racing  - two top ten ITU World Cross Triathlon Age Group championships, an age group win in the Ultra Trail Australia 50+ age group, Xterra Cross Triathlon Australian Age Group Champ 50-54 and Xterra Maui World Championships and a Hounslow Double Overall win.

Look out for me at the 2045 Hawaii Ironman in the 80-84 Age Group!


2020 Trailblazer Badge.jpg

I currently live in Newcastle, Australia. I’m an Ultra Trail Runner, love going long in the trails, there is nothing like racing in the beautiful open forest, getting out in the bush and challenging myself with the long hills, technical flowing trails finding the flow and getting in the zone. I’m a coach so surrounding myself with other athletes, Runners, Triathletes, also the gym as being strong is a key component for the all-round athlete. Passionate about coaching,  help many athletes, online and or face to face. Inspired to see what the limits are and push myself to go beyond expectation. Have a some key races that i focus on annually, but love to race often as its always a great test and helps you learn and grow from being in that environment. With a few 2nd Places in Elephant Trail Race, Great North Walk, Alpine Challenge, 5th in Bouddi Coastal & Top 20 @ UTA 100 & Tarawera Ultra Marathon. in my first 18 months of trail racing  I now have set the bar higher for better results in 2020-21 @ Ultra Trail Australia 100km, Brisbane Trail Ultra 110km, Alpine Challenge 100km are the focus for 2020 and Tarawera Ultra Marathon 160km in New Zealand is the goal  for 2021 !!


Alae Brand.jpg
2020 Trailblazer Badge.jpg

Originally a South African born farm girl, I am currently working as an emergency medicine registrar at Gosford Hospital.

Starting as a gymnast at the age of 15, I started running. It was then that I fell in love with the sport and it has been my absolute passion since.

I used to be quite fast (10km PB 35:15) and good at cross country... nowadays I enjoy longer trail runs (preferably in the mountains).

Representing South Africa at duathlon world champs twice as an elite I still cycle a fair bit for cross training.

Having moved to Australia last year after working on cruise ships for 5 years, travelling the world and running in some of the most remarkable places imaginable. I took a break from competing during this time but I am back with a vengeance realising that racing is my passion!

I’m an adrenaline junkie, who loves being outdoors and trying different kinds of sport - got certified as an ashtang vinyasa yoga teacher in India; I swim, SUP and scuba dive; I used to surfski a fair bit and am keen to take up surfing soon.


paul amidy.jpg
2020 Trailblazer Badge.jpg

I’ve been participating in various endurance pursuits for about 25 years (mtb, road cycling and triathlons) – which makes me feel old and makes me wonder where the years have gone, it’s been an interesting journey and I’ve learned so much about myself – mainly from the mistakes I have made but the lure of that perfect day keeps me going.

My journey has been somewhat hampered by GI issues in any longer event I’ve entered – I was on a constant path of trying different products, different ratios but nothing seemed to work – trust me I tried everything. I have spent the last 5 years focusing on improving my gut health and reducing overall inflammation

Since improving my gut health I also discovered Tailwind – I spoke with Gavin and the sceptic in me didn’t see that the result would be any different to any other product – I distinctly remember my first ride on Tailwind while preparing for the 2019 Port to Port – I would describe it as an out of body experience, where I would normally bonk and explode I felt fine and continued to push on – something was different. The race was a turning point for me. Since then I’ve rediscovered my passion for longer events and I’m excited at the prospect of trying out this new found form.


Liliana McLennan.jpg
2020 Trailblazer Badge.jpg

Heyo my name is Liliana McLennan and I am a trailblazer. I live in Brisbane where I train and race at the Anna Mearse Velodrome as a track cyclist. I also race on the road with my team Scody racing pb Galibier partners.
I am a Queensland Academy of Sport athlete and my favourite events are the Individual Pursuit on the track and criterium races on the road.
I have been riding for about 6 years and have a swimming plus triathlon background along with many outdoorsy hobbies. Once tailwind nutrition was introduced to me, the dreaded bonk was no longer an issue and I have more energy to put 110% into my riding.
A funny thing about myself is that I name all my bikes and my road bikes name is Albert.

Liliana recently won a gold medal haul at the recent track State Championships including u19 Women's individual Pursuit, Points Race and was a member of the winning Elite and U19 Womens Team Pursuit squad.


Joe Ward.jpg
2020 Trailblazer Badge.jpg

Joe Ward has a healthy and infectious obsession with fitness – running in particular. His successes in trail running, marathons (he’s run over 40 official marathons), long-distance runs (including several 100km races, several 100 mile races, GNW 250km run and three C2K finishes) plus his experience as an athlete in several sports – rugby, soccer, triathlon, Muay Thai kickboxing and boxing – means his athletic achievements give him broad expertise in addition to a varied approach to training.


Joe won the GNW100 miles in 2018, 2nd place in the Hume and Hovell 100 miles in 2019, 2nd place in the Narrabeen All Nighter team event and he holds two FKTs including Brisbane to Sydney (11 days 7 hours) and GNW250 Sydney to Newcastle I’m 57:15. 


Joe is currently working towards qualifying for the Aussie 24 hour team. During the day he works full time as the head coach for Manly Beach Running Club on the northern beaches of Sydney. 


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